Ms Jovan Kwong$260/week


Guest Type: Traveller
Nationality: Hong Kong
Needs From: 29/11/2022
Needs To: 28/02/2023
Needs Meals: No Meals
Needs Internet? Yes
Needs Airport Pickup? Yes
Smoke? No
OK with pets? Yes
Contact Number: only visible to featured host

Other Requirements

Hi Hi
I’m a lady from Hong Kong with PR status
I’ll stay in around 3 months for visiting friends.
I’ve already vaccinated 3 doses’ BioNTech.


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Name Gender Nationality From To Budget
AJITHA ARJUNAN INDIAN 15/05/2020 15/01/2020 $300
Laura Cadart Australian 15/07/2021 30/11/2021 $350
Pui Ng Australian 31/12/2020 29/02/2020 $400
Murali Neelamegam Australian 15/06/2020 15/12/2020 $300.00