Luis Gabriel Gomez Andrade$170/week


Guest Type: Student
Study Location: australian academy of commerce language center
Nationality: colombia
Needs From: 27/04/2017
Needs To: 01/05/2017
Needs Meals: Breakfast
Needs Internet? Yes
Needs Airport Pickup? Yes
Smoke? No
OK with pets? Yes
Contact Number: only visible to featured host

Other Requirements

Hello, mi girlfriend and i arrive to sidney on 27 april, we are going to study english at australian academy of comerce AAC (kogarah)for 8 months inicially and we need rent a room like yours, we can pay it without any problem.
We are colombians but in this moment we are in spain visiting our parents.
We are 33 years old and we are so responsables, friendly and quiet people.
My girlfriend is system engineer and i am bussines manager, both profesionals.
We dont speak english but i can understand some words o write basics sentences like this message.

We arrived to sidney on 27 april at 18:00 but tomorrow we are traveling and maybe we can´t answer phones. Please leave any answer at wp or in the mails below.

I hope you accept my offer.


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