Maung Nyan Win$200/week


Guest Type: Traveller
Nationality: Myanmar
Needs From: 15/02/2019
Needs To: 14/03/2019
Needs Meals: No Meals
Needs Internet? Yes
Needs Airport Pickup? No
Smoke? No
OK with pets? Yes
Contact Number: only visible to featured host

Other Requirements

I’d like to use kitchen facilities like gas and utensils.


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Name Gender Nationality From To Budget
Gengqiao Huang Australia 20/02/2019 12/11/2019 $240
Olin Flores Australian 14/03/2018 17/03/2018 $250
Joey Chan Hong Kong 23/09/2017 31/01/2018 $300
pengrao lu China 29/07/2017 09/12/2017 $250