Raahulan Sundararajah is looking for homestay in NSW

Raahulan Sundararajah$300.00/week


Guest Type: Student
Study Location: Melbourne
Nationality: Australian
Needs From: 21/02/2023
Needs To: 12/03/2023
Needs Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Needs Internet? Yes
Needs Airport Pickup? No
Smoke? Yes
OK with pets? Yes
Contact Number: only visible to featured host

Other Requirements

19 days to do study in Melbourne


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Name Gender Nationality From To Budget
Brinti Mondal INDIA 01/10/2023 01/10/2024 $230
Sase Stojanoski Macedonian 01/02/2000 30/04/2000 $200
Ying Jiang Australia 09/11/2020 26/12/2020 $300
Krish Uma Indian 12/05/2021 20/09/2021 $170