Sydney City Guide

Sydney has transformed into an advanced, developed, peaceful and a beautiful place that can actually set a convict straight with its sunny beaches, laid back lifestyle and friendly people. Please allow me one minute to convince you to love her.

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Quick Facts

  • State: New South Wales
  • Population: 4.3 million
  • Area: 12,368 km²
  • Time Zone:UTC+10/+11
  • Climate: Humid Subtropical
  • Mayor: Clover Moore

Top reasons to love Sydney

Achitecture –  Sydney’s architecture is one of the most stunning in the world. The bridge, the Opera House, The Rocks, Government House, Darling Harbour, the museums…

Food – Being the international city Sydney is, it’s full of all the same global cuisine you can find in any other great metropolis around the world.

Education – Syney has a world class eduction system. Top universties include: University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University…

The Arts – The arts and cultural calendar in Sydney is the envy of most of the country, and with good reason.

Beach – From the ever-popular and iconic shores of Bondi, to the surfer-friendly breaks of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Sydney’s beaches are more than just a major tourism draw; they’re a way of life.

Green Spaces -Sydney has some fantastic parks and green spaces. Because of the mild climate, green is the colour of Sydney most of the year. No dry, brown grass here. Well, not usually.

Accomodation – There are many nice and affordable hotels in Sydney. In terms of money for value,  homestay is the best option if you want to truely experience the local culture in Brisbane.

Fun Facts About Sydney

  1. An average of 8.2 million visitors and tourists flock to Sydney every year.
  2. The local people call the Sydney Harbour Bridge as “The Coat Hanger” because it looks like a coat hanger.
  3. The line of pizzas stretched at 221 m in the Italian quarter of Leichardt is registered as the longest line of pizza places in the world.
  4. Elizabeth Farm,Experiment Farm Cottage and Old Government House are the oldest building in Sydney.